Speakers & Talks

Andrea Tolve

Andrea Tolve is currently Head of Teacher Training Iberia for Cambridge University Press and has been working in the ELT world since 1999. She started working in Zagreb, Croatia as a teacher and coordinator of private language schools before moving to Spain in 2003. On moving to Spain, Andrea was a teacher and account manager at International House Madrid and followed this by becoming a Director of Studies at her own school. She has a Master of Arts in Education specialising in Applied Linguistics with the Open University.

Creating Commitment

Saturday 17th 2018

Our goal as teachers is to create a learning environment that empowers students, making them active participants in their own success and providing a balance of “solid” learning and the freedom to be creative. This workshop will include practical suggestions aimed at catering for commitment, success and enjoyment for students.

Caroline Cooke

Caroline Cooke has lived and worked in Spain for over 30 years. She has worked with Cambridge Assessment English since 1985 and is an examiner and examiner trainer for all levels as well as a seminar presenter for teacher training support events. She has worked on many publications for exam preparation material and secondary school texts, reviewing, editing and writing.

Speaking seminar: A good conversation

Friday 16th 2018

Saturday 17th 2018 (Repeat)

Developing interactive communication. In this seminar we will look at different turn-taking and interaction skills students need as they progress through their language learning journey and provide some practical classroom ideas for teachers to use to develop these skills at different levels.

Writing Seminar: Communicative writing and assessment

Saturday 17th 2018

Writing Assessment and developing writing skills at B1. In this seminar, we aim to develop teachers’ awareness of the assessment of writing at B1 level, using the Cambridge English Writing Assessment Scales. We will also look at classroom activities to improve B1 learners’ writing skills.

David Taylor

I've been teaching English and other subjects in biligual schools for 15 years. I have a Masters in Education - specialising in ESL. I am now the owner and manager of a small language school in Oviedo and I work with young learners, teens and adults.

Listening Inside and Outside the Classroom

Friday 16th 2018

I’d like to run a roundtable discussion about listenings in class and outside the classroom for about 45 minutes and then spend 15 minutes talking about our podcasts. I have 7 questions for the roundtable relating to how to set up listenings in class, authentic material, representation of varieties of English, music, motivating students to listen in their own time, good sources of listenings, teachers listening to feedback. Then I’ll go through how and why we started the podcast. The pros and cons of doing something like this. There will be time for questions or comments at the end.

Giacinta Gartland Mitchell

Giacinta teaches at IH Santiago de Compostela. She has taught languages for more than 25 years in both inner-city secondary schools and languages schools. She has directed school productions and performed in local theatres. She lives in the Galician countryside with her husband, three dogs and three hens.

Drama in the ESL Classroom

Saturday 17th 2018

Do you want to use drama but aren’t sure where to start? Does the idea of performance fill you with excitement or terror? This workshop is designed to show you how easily you can incorporate drama and fun into your lessons whatever the level and whatever the age of your students.

Karen Mee Ross

I have 17 years teaching experience; 4 years in Spain and 13 years in the UK. I have given one to one English classes, conversation classes and preparation classes for Cambridge International English Exams. I am also an experienced drama teacher with a Certificate in Teaching Shakespeare. My approach to teaching is personal and active with an emphasis on communication and confidence. I currently teach in an academy and with private students in Oviedo.

From phonics to pronunciation: Supporting learners with their spoken English.

Friday 16th 2018

Making the sounds of another language is a physical challenge. We have to "Feel" how to make them using our tongues, mouths, breath and diaphragm. Phonics is an accepted part of teaching young children and yet older learners are left with the same mistakes and misunderstandings. I will share some theory, some practical exercises and some resources with participants to enable us to support our learners and ourselves.

Laura Nuño Iglesias

Laura Nuño Iglesias is a final year student of Infant Education in Padre Osso School of Education. She has 9 weeks of experience as a practicum student in Ireland, working with children between the ages of 2 and 6. Laura has also been teaching English to children, from 6 to 12 years old. Laura has lived in Ireland for over two years and obtained the Cambridge Advanced qualification during this time. She has two years of experience as an au pair and child minder in Dublin and Ashbourne.

Patricia Fernández Suárez

Patricia Fernández Suárez is finishing her teaching degree in English and Physical Education in the Primary school at Padre Ossó School of Education. She has experience as a practicum student for four months at Open Future School in Krakow (Poland). She is certified as a Camp Monitor. She has worked at Ignatian English House and Colegio Inmaculada Summer Camp for several summers. Also, she has experience as a private tutor and basketball coach. She has been working with children since she was 17.

Ana Fernández Viciana

Ana Fernández Viciana received her teaching certification (University of Oviedo), a master’s degree in TESL (Minnesota State University, Mankato), and a degree in Translation and Interpretation (University of Vic). She obtained her PhD in Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Oviedo. She is currently teaching as a lecturer at Facultad Padre Ossó (University of Oviedo). Previously, she had taught English to Primary school children for 14 years.

Practicum abroad!

Friday 16th 2018

In this talk, you will learn about the experience as practicum students of Laura Nuño and Patricia Fernández, students of the Degree in Infant Education and Primary Education (specialization in English) respectively at Facultad Padre Ossó. They have just finished their Practicum abroad in Ireland and Poland. This experience has been really successful and gratifying. They will detail the two educational systems and the schools that they have been. They will share their thoughts on working in a new environment communicating with children and colleagues in English. Finally, they will each explain one of the innovative activities they carried out.

Mary Kay Maas

Mary Kay Maas has a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and History Education and has been teaching English in Spain since 2004. Between Wisconsin and Asturias she has experience in just about everything: infants-primary-secondary, public and private, gifted and special education. She has taught numerous classes and workshops in all 4 of the CPR's in Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés and Nalón-Caudal. She is currently teaching at El Colegio la Milagrosa primary school in Oviedo. She is also the Director of MK Educational Services, which provides summer immersion experiences in the USA as well as Ladybug story-telling and Book Fairs as an Usbourne Independent Organizer. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends and touring with her band, Magdalene Blue.

For the Love of Reading

Saturday 17th 2018

In this talk we will discuss:

1-how to turn tablet/video-game/mobile-crazed students into avid, lifelong readers, 2- why this is more important than ever, and 3- a seemingly too-good-to-be-true yet fun and easy way to expand and improve your school/academy’s library that costs next to nothing!!!.

Adriana Real Ferreiro

Teacher Trainer since 2000 with vast teaching experience; Cambridge Speaking Examiner and Team Leader since 1997. Adriana has been a teacher of English as a Foreign Language for over 30 years. She has worked at all levels (from preschool to adults), and in most contexts (from bilingual schools to companies). She holds a Diploma in TEFL from the University of Reading as well as the RSA COTE and a Masters in Innovation and Teacher Training. Adriana’s professional career has been linked to the Cambridge Exams as an examiner and a supervisor and at present she is the Cambridge Exams Manager at Expert English and she runs Oviedo TEFL Centre, Teacher Training Centre with a strong focus on TKT and Courses for School Teachers including CLIL and YL.

Language Knowledge and Awareness: vocabulary

Friday 16th 2018

To raise awareness of what it means to 'know' a word, e.g. semantic boundaries; collocational restraints; appropriacy; formal properties, such as spelling, pronunciation and so on; To consider the difference between knowing a word (or lexical item) receptively and being able to use it productively, and what impact that has on what we teach about a lexical item and how we teach it; To consider different possible ways of checking understanding and their advantages and disadvantages; To understand how language knowledge and awareness fits into the Cambridge English Teaching Framework, and start to think about how to develop in this area.