Language Development: C1 (Advanced) & C2(Proficiency)

Length of course: 24 hours
Aim: Exam practice to prepare for the Cambridge Advanced or the Cambridge Proficiency
Content: This module will give you intensive Exam Training, including mock exams with past papers, practice in the speaking test with actual examiners, tutoring sessions to clarify doubts, practical tips for enhancing your exam taking ability, consolidation of the knowledge you already have, to be able to retrieve it under the pressure of exam conditions.


CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

Length of course: 24 hours
Aim: Introduction to a new approach to teaching and learning
Content: This module will give you an insight into bilingual programmes and some key aspects of the different topic areas to be dealt with. As a teacher of English you are most likely to be the expert in the language, not in the topic area, but your role will be to support the content teacher with the language the students need to be able to learn the content in a foreign language. In this module we will give you practical ideas to help your students improve their English while learning content in a semi-bilingual context.


YLE (Young Learners of English)

Length of course: 24 hours
Aim: Give teachers an insight into the DOs and DON’Ts with children
Content: Teaching Young Learners requires a totally different approach; motivating young learners, following a syllabus and having an international exam as a final goal all together ask for special skills and techniques. In this module we will focus on motivation and exam techniques at an early stage and provide you with a set of practical ideas and games to be able to succeed in this most rewarding context.


Note: Language Academies’ Students usually take the Trinity Exams or the Cambridge YLE.


ESP (English for Specific Purposes)

Length of course: 24 hours
Aim: Teaching English in a specific context vs. teaching content in English
Content: Usually adults with a specific area of work need to use English with a specific purpose. Given this case, it should be clear to both learner and teacher what the real needs of the learner are and whether the need is language or content. The former is the usual so in this module we will help you identify the needs of your students and tailor a course to those needs in the specific context of the learners’ area of expertise. We will give you examples of how to approach this type of teaching-learning context in Business, Law and Medicine which are the most common topic areas.


Summer Camps

Length of course: 30 hours

Aim: Acquiring the basic techniques to teach through games at children and teenage level

Content: This course will provide you with practical ideas and games to foster language learning in the context of a summer camp. Outdoor activities and group and teamwork are the key elements and entertainment and fun are what the participants expect. We also help you develop your own, personilised toolkit with sequenced activities leading to realistic, practical and believable goals. It is much easier to face the challenge of being a camp leader when you are properly equipped.


Note: For information on the TEFL component of this course
see Course Contents "Part 1"