Speakers & Talks

Shawn Redwood - Cambridge Assessment English

Shawn Redwood has been teaching English as a Foreign Language for more than 12 years in Spain. He has worked at many public and charter bilingual schools in Madrid as an English Language Assistant. He has experience preparing students for Cambridge English First, Advanced and Proficiency. His principal areas of interest are bilingual and international education, as well as CLIL, visual literacy and implementing authentic material into the EFL classroom.

Learning content is fun


It would be nice if a textbook provided content in a fun and interesting way, especially with changes in learning and teaching styles. This is not to say that textbooks do not do a good job of presenting material. It is just sometimes we see content presented in the same way year after year. Let’s spice it up! The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate how to create content that is both useful, practical, and fun for your students.

Getting them writing


The purpose of this talk is to give participants activities that they can use in the classroom through the use prompts, videos and pictures to get students writing. These activities will also foster critical thinking skills and stimulate conversation. Participants will be guided on how to use each activity and will work in groups to share ideas and answers.

Andrea Maribel Chaves Gareis

I’m a teacher of English and Spanish as a foreign language. I taught in Argentina, UK and Spain. I’m currently working as Secondary and Kindergarden teacher in Siero.

How to communicate with parents effectively


Now that English has become a subject of vital importance for parents, they are more concerned than ever with their children’s progress. But who taught us how to communicate effectively in order to match children’s realities to parents’ expectations?

Adriana Coto Fernández - Planet Idiomas

With a degree in English Philology from the University of Oviedo, Adriana has 15 years of experience in the field of education, working with children, teens and adults. She is also the group leader and representative of Planet Idiomas in the USA. She's always ready to get the very best from her students with a friendly smile.




Nowadays it's hard to keep our students' attention, with so many distractions in their mobiles - social networks, whatsapp... Sometimes finding games and activities to catch their eye can not only be hard, but it can also hurt our pocket. However, there are many low-cost things we can use if we just look around us. I'll share some ideas with you, and hope you'll share yours as well. Together, we can come up with even more! After all, that's what this is all about. right? Sharing is Caring!

Nelson Sousa Mendes - Lawton School

Nelson Sousa Mendes is a Foreign Languages Teacher/Academic Coordinator at Lawton School S.L. with over twenty years’ experience teaching English as a foreign language, as well as Portuguese and French to all levels and ages and is specialized in official exam preparation (Cambridge, Trinity, IELTS, TEFL, TOEIC, CAPLE, etc.). Born in Portugal, he holds a Licentiate Degree in Languages and Modern Literatures from the University of Lisbon (1990-1995). Since 2012, he’s been directly participating in and working on the development of European International Mobility Projects within the scope of Erasmus+ organized by Lawton School, namely: Learn to Lead, Mediation for Communication Dante, Henge, Engage and World in Words – a Business English Vocabulary tool, soon to be launched by Lawton School in partnership with British, Irish, Greek, Belgian and Bulgarian developers

World in Words


World in Words is a free way to practise, teach and learn business vocabulary. In this talk you will learn about the site and how to use it and get ideas to integrate it to your teaching context. And, in the last 10', you will also find out about ways to certify Business English.

Mary Kay Maas

Mary Kay Maas has a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and History Education and has been teaching English in Spain since 2004. Between Wisconsin and Asturias she has experience in just about everything: infants-primary-secondary, public and private, gifted and special education. She has taught numerous classes and workshops in all 4 of the CPR's in Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés and Nalón-Caudal. She is also the Director of MK Educational Services, which provides summer immersion experiences in the USA as well as Ladybug story-telling and Book Fairs as an Usbourne Independent Organizer.

For the Love of Reading


In this talk we will discuss:

1- How to turn tablet/video-game/mobile-crazed students into avid, lifelong readers

2- Why this is more important than ever

3- A seemingly too-good-to-be-true yet fun and easy way to expand and improve your school/academy’s library that costs next to nothing!!!.

Adriana Real Ferreiro

Teacher Trainer since 2000 with vast teaching experience; Cambridge Speaking Examiner and Team Leader since 1997. Adriana has been a teacher of English as a Foreign Language for over 30 years. She has worked at all levels (from preschool to adults), and in most contexts (from bilingual schools to companies). She holds a Diploma in TEFL from the University of Reading as well as the RSA COTE and a Masters in Innovation and Teacher Training. Adriana’s professional career has been linked to the Cambridge Exams as an examiner and a supervisor and at present she is the Cambridge Exams Manager at Expert English and she runs Oviedo TEFL Centre, Teacher Training Centre with a strong focus on TKT and Courses for School Teachers including CLIL and YL.



Cambridge Assessment English has revised de Key (A2) and Preliminary (B1) Exams and several changes have been introduced. These changes will go live in January 2020 so we should be prepared. This talk will show you what's new and how it compares to what we already have to see what we need to change in our teaching

B2 Writing: The Real Macoy


Finally! In this talk you will be able to ask and find out how exams are marked at PRESENT. Some things used to be done in a different way, and there are a lot of myhts about the marking of writing. If you want to learn more about the amrking process, don't miss this session